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    Yesterday, since the rest of the class was taking their German oral exam, you worked on interview questions about the three notions you will present for your oral exam.

    Get prepared for the interview

    Here they are:

    Gun bearing in the US

    1) Do you think gun restrictions are efficient?

    2) How could we improve gun bearing restrictions?

    3) How could we train teachers to be able to defend students?

    4) Do you think you are safe with a gun?

    5) Do you think gun bearing is morally acceptable?

    6) Do you think the background check / filling in a form is strict enough?

    7) Why are Americans so attached to guns?

    8) Do you think that gun bearing increases the number of massacres in the US?

    9) According to you, what are the solutions to fight against school shootings?

    10) Should we allow gun bearing in France?

    11) Is gun bearing efficient to defend ourselves against terrorism?


    Stolen Generations

    1) Do you think assimilation could be as successful as integration?

    2) What is the difference between assimilation and integration?

    3) Would you be ready for a cultural exchange in a foreign country?

    4) What do you know about the present life of the Aborigines?

    5) Do you think the Stolen Generations should forgive Australia?

    6) What can the Australian do now to integrate better Aborigines?


    Genetic selection

    1) If you were parents, would you use genetic manipulation?

    2) Do you think it is acceptable to choose your future baby?

    3) Do you think parents will be reasonable enough not to use genetic selection for superficial reasons?

    4) Would you like a job in relation to progress? Why? Why not?

    5) Do you think scientific progress is going too far?

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  • Hey!


    Today, you first presented a fallen hero.


    Then, you focused on Colonel Russell Williams' story:

    Here is what you understood:

    Russel Williams was a hero because he flew the Prime Minister's plane, he commanded the largest air-force base in Canada and he trained new pilots. Indeed, he was a high-ranking memeber in the army.

    However, Russel Williams broke into fifty house to steal women's underwear but in 2 houses he stripped, blindfolded and took pictures of two naked girls. Unfortunately, one day, he killed two women, he beat them, he wrapped them in tape in order to make them suffocate/choke. He tried to commit suicide because he didn't want to stay in Prison.

    Written by Shifa



    - Lesson

    - Find two sentences / quotes showing that the journalist is bewildered by the colonel's contradictions.

    - Mercredi 11: Oral Mock Exam (Stolen Generations): Presentation + Interview Questions

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  • Hey!


    Today, you started a new chapter. First, you identified the different people on the pictures and said what they had in common. Then, you focused on the last man and tried to understand why he can be considered as a fallen hero.

    To finish, you checked your assumptions with the beginning of the article:

    Here is what you said:

    The picture are showing heroes/famous  people who have fallen in disgrace. We can take the example of  Oscar PICTORIUS who is disabled and accused of killing his girlfriend / charged with the murder of his girlfriend.

    Lance ARMSTRONG used to be a cyclist but he took drugs to enhance his abilities.

    Bill CLINTON is the former  president of the USA and he cheated on his wife with Monica LEWINSKI.

    Russell WILLIAMS is a former colonel / commander who was decorated. In addition, he climbed the ladder very fast. He has fallen in disgrace because he is charged with the murder of two young women.

    To  betray = trahir

    A traitor

    Written by Nadhmati.



    - Lesson: present a fallen hero

    - May 11th: Oral presentation about the Stolen Generation + Prepare interview questions


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  • Hey!

    Today, you studied the last document of the unit:

    Here is what you said about it:

    Kevin Rudd is the former Prime Minister of Australia who delivered a Sorry Speech to all Aborigines and their families in 2008. Kevin Rudd made apologies / apologized and promised a better future with mutual respect and equality.

    The speech aims at recognizing / acknowledging the Aborigines's mistreatment.He wanted to forget the past so as to / in order to start over.

    Written by Floriane



    - May 11th: prepare your oral presentation about the Stolen Generations and prepare questions for the interview.

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  • Hey!

    Today was your final test about Aborigenes. Hope you did well!

    Final Test

    Here is what you understood:

    Now, in Australia, the situation is critical / there is national emergency because of violence, alcoholism, poor health care and poverty in Aborigines' settlements.  The Australian government sent the army in the Northern territory to stop child abuse, to decrease violence, and improve their way of life. A journalist came to see if the situation was critical or not.  Problems began when white settlers came in Australia 200 years ago. Since then, Aborigines have been marginalized.

    Written by Elsa.



    - Pas cours mardi prochain

    - Rendre la question de synthèse (11) sur feuille

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