• Unit 2: Genetic Selection



    Today, you started the unit with the document below:

    Then, you focused on the progress of in-vitro fertilization thanks to the following text:

    Here is what you said about it:

      This document is the cover / the frontpage of a newspaper which was published in 1978. The headline is “Superbabe”. Louise Brown is the first test-tube baby: she was created through / thanks to artificial / in-vitro fertilization. To conclude, it was a success / a new form of progress.

      Now, we can choose the baby’s eye and hair colours, prevent / avoid diseases like cancers or heart attacks. Moreover, we can select the gender, the brain and physical abilities / skills.

     So, you can design your baby. 

    Written by Bastien.



    - Lesson: You are a scientist leading a conference about in-vitro fertilization: tell about it

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