• Unit 2: Racial Stereotypes



    Today, you first draw your representation of the American man and you presented it in front of the class.

    Unit 2: Racial Stereotypes

    Here is what you said:

    Some people think that the American man is overweight.
    The American man..
    -is seen as someone obese / plump / chubby.
    -is said to bear guns.
    -is believed to be patriotic / be fashionable.
    -is thought to wear casual outfits.

    Written by Linda.


    Then, you deduced this vision was sterotypical and you defined what a stereotype is. You completed your definition thanks to the text below:


    Here is your complete definition:

    A stereotype is an inaccurate / erroneous / ill-founded idea about a group of people.
    A cliché is unverifiable because we can't check it. Moreover, a prejudice is a distorted / deformed image.
    A stereotype is also fixed / engraved because it will never change.

    Written by Linda.



    - Lesson: People's vision of the American man + definition of a stereotype

    - Deconstruct the American stereotypes: choose one aspect and prove it is wrong (make searches - facts and figures)

    - Commencer la fiche lexicale: 'Racial Stereotypes'

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