• Unit 3: Dream Jobs



    Today, your first talked about your dream job.

    Here is your definition:

    A dream job is a perfect job that you love. Thanks to it, you can make /earn a lot of money. In my ideal Job, I have no rules, no boss so no pressure : I can do what I want.

    Written by Fadia.


    Then, you imagined the dream job related to the picture below:

    Then, you checked your assumptions  thanks to a video document (click on the picture to watch it)


    Here is what you said:
    You represent Swiss Airlines so you're the ambassador of the company : you travel around the world, test restaurants / taste food, rate hotels, explore the most fashionable places / the trendiest places to make reports on the website.
    He gives tips / advice for tourists.
    He has to tell what is good and what Swiss Airlines can improve on their website.

    Written by Fadia.



    - Lesson

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