• Unit 3: Obesity



    Today, you started a new chapter thanks to the picture below:

    Here is what you said about it:

    The child and his mum are overweight/ obese whereas the employee is slim .The employee Billy is giving a tray to the child who is excited and hungry, but he is worried about the child's health.The child only knows about junk food : he doesn't know what an apple slice is/ about fruit, which is shoking . The child is used to eating junk food which is unhealthy.Nassim thinks it is exaggerated. 

    Written by Halimatou.


    Then, you did a short vocabulary activity to locate different elements on a picture:



    - Lesson: Describe + message

    - 'How to describe a picture' à terminer

    - Fiche lexicale 'Obesity' à commencer

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