• Unit 4: Fallen Heroes



    Today, you started a new chapter. First, you identified the different people on the pictures and said what they had in common. Then, you focused on the last man and tried to understand why he can be considered as a fallen hero.

    To finish, you checked your assumptions with the beginning of the article:

    Here is what you said:

    Bill Clinton used to be the president of the USA and he cheated on his wife / had sexual intercourse with / had an affair with his secretary

    Lance Armstrong was a cyclist: he took drugs.

    Oscar Pistorius said he killed his girlfriend by accident.

    Russel Williams used to be a Canadian air force commander. He quickly became a colonel because he was talented / skilled.

    Yet, he disappointed people because he was accused of murdering two women.

    All of them were famous, faced scandals and denied the facts. As a result, they are fallen heroes.

    Written by Elsa.



    - Rentrée: Lesson

    - May 11th: Oral presentation about the Stolen Generation + Prepare interview questions


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