• For or against in-vitro fertilization?



    Today, you first defined in-vitro fertilization and talked about its origins.

    Then, you talked about the evolution of in-vitro fertilization since 1978.

    Here is what you said:

    Parents can prevent their child from diseases, for instance cancer. They can choose the gender of the baby and their physical aspect/appearance like eyes color, height, hair color facial traits. Moreover, parents can engineer/design their baby to be skilled/talented /to have abilities in certain areas, like playing the piano.

    Written by Chloé L.


    You debated on the evolution of in-vitro fertilization: are you for or against in-vitro fertilization?


    You worked on method too since you will have to write an essay for your final test:



    - React to geneticist Lee Silver's quote (52-55): Do you agree with him? Why? Why not?

    - Entraînement écrit: vendredi prochain en classe.

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