• Get prepared for your interview!



    Today, after a vocabulary test, you listed all the ingredients for an efficient interview:

    Here is what you said:

    The steps for an efficient interview are:
    1) You have to ask questions to make a final decision/ to know if we can stand the prospective flatmates.
    2) You must tell them the rules / the limits.
    3) You have to find a venue / place: either you meet the person with a friend at your place or in a public place because it's safer/ if you don't want him to know where you live.

    Written by Mélanie


    Here are the instructions for your final task:

    Then, you focused on the form of the interview:



    - Lesson: Ingredients for an interview? (tutorial)

    - Recap à l'écrit sur feuille: Define Speedflatmating.

    - Final Task: à rendre au plus tard le 16/12

    - Prepare the interview: Worksheet

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