• Hey!

    Today, you worked on phonetics because you didn't feel comfortable at all with transcriptions. Hope today's activities helped you!

    How to understand phonetics?

    Here is the first activity:

    Then, in pairs, you broke different codes in order to read your missions:

    To finish, you imagined missions for the other pairs and wrote them in phonetics!


    To finish, you studied how to organise the new vocabulary:


    Hw: Pour lundi 7/12:

    - Faire la fiche lexicale 'Advertising' et la fiche 'Wordbank'

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  • Hey!


    Today, you proposed various catchphrases for the Ikea ad in order to deduce the ingredients of an efficient ctachphrase:

    The catchphrase has to: 

    -be short

    -be funny

    -contain a pun

    -fit with the commercial

    -contain rhymes

    Written by Joana.


    Then, you studied a new document.

    Here is what you said about it:

    The object is a rubber bracelet / wristband: the name is Power Balance. There is a small hologram and it costs £30.Thanks to it, athletes can run faster and jump higher.

    Written by Joana.


    Hw: Pour lundi 7/12

    - Lesson

    - What about the other benefits? (use the expressions seen in class) : à faire à l'écrit.

    - Final Test CE: 14/12

    - Final Task: 9/12 -->PDF à envoyer au plus tard le 4/12

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  • Hey!


    After a short recap about Mc Donalds' marketing strategies to attract children, you analysed different ads.

    Here they are:

    Here is the grid you completed:

    Here are your conclusions:

    In the ads, they use a lot of strategies:

    -cute animals

    -dark humor

    -to shock

    -a seducing celebrity

    -to compare


    Diaba and Celia prefer the commercial because they both like Hugh Jackman's muscular body: he is seducing and virile.On the first picture, the dog is wrinkled whereas on the second one, his skin is smooth.

    Written by Joana.


    This activity enabled you to prepare your final task. Here are the instructions:


    - Apprendre tout le vocabulaire nouveau

    - Find a catchphrase for the Ikea ad.


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  • Hey!


    Today, you first started with the lesson. Then, you finished the recap. Here is what you said:

    Every child recognizes R. McDonald: he is the mascot of the fast food chain. Children see him on TV, in commercials.
    None of them/Nobody recognizes Jesus: one of them makes a mistake, he says he is G. Bush.
    One of them recognizes Wendy: she is the mascot of a famous fast food chain/the third fast food chain in the U.S.A.
    Therefore/As a consequence, every American child recognizes R. McDonald because they see him in commercials.

    Written by Chloé.


    None of them recognized Jesus. One of them thought he was Georges Bush.

    Only one of them identifies Wendy who is the mascot of a fast food restaurant.

    All children recognize Ronald because they saw him in TV commercials.

    Consequently, he wants to prove that Mc Do is on TV, in commercials (= everywhere).

    Written by Mélanie


    As a conclusion to this document, you talked about Mc Do strategies to attract children.

    Here are the strategies you mentioned:

     Mc Donalds has many other strategies to attract children:            

    * in the restaurants, there are playgrounds.         

    * they offer a free toy in happy meals.          

    * you can celebrate your birthday in Mc Donalds.         

     *they use a funny and cute mascot.

    Thus, children are gullible /naive/easy to influence/easy targets.

    Written by Manon.


    To finish, you corrected the methodology activity:



    - Lesson: McDo strategies

    - Revoir tout le vocabulaire nouveau du chapitre.

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  • Hey!


    Today was a bit exceptionnal because the other group was supposed to have class yesterday, that's why we did a 'different' activity today.

    Remember the video document with the kids? You laughed when they were not able to recognize Jesus for example, but would be better at this guessing game?


    The winner was Inès! Well done!



    - Apprendre tout le vocabulaire nouveau!

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