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    Today, to begin with, as a guide of the Australian Museum, you talked about the work of art entitled Assimilation.

    Then, you defined what assimilation is. In the end was it really successful?

    Here is what you said about it:

    Integration is when you adopt the culture of someone else but you keep your own culture and identity whereas assimilation is when you lose your identity while adopting completely another culture.

    Integration is a choice while assimilation is when you are forced to adopt another culture.                    

    Has assimilation been sucessful ?/Did they became like white Australians ?                                                    

    Assimilation has been a complete failure because today there is a national sorry day to apologize for the half-caste children mistreatment. Moreover, assimilation has tragic consequences like prison,drugs and alcohol. Finally, they didn’t lose their identity because they came back home.  

    Written by Nadhmati.


    To finish, you corrected your English mock exams.



    - Demain: Final Test CO

    Pour mercredi 13/04 (pas cours le mardi 12)

    - Lesson: Has assimilation been successful?

    - Rendre la correction de la question de synthèse (bac blanc)

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    Today, after you talked about the living conditions of the Stolen Generations but also about the consequences of their removal, you analysed an Aboriginal painting:

    Here is the real meaning of this painting:

    Here is the analysis:
    Kevin Butler was a half-caste child, so he is telling/ is testifying about his experience in a painting, which represents a maze. In the middle, there is the protection board which is the beginning of the maze. The Stolen Generations had to go through obstacles such as racism, suicide, alcohol, drug abuse.
    Their goal is to escape and to come back home / The way out is the house which represents safety.

    Written by Nadhmati



    - Lesson: Painting

    - Has assimilation been successful? --> Prove your answer with precise examples taken from the documents studied in class.

    - Final Test Oral Comprehension next wednesday

    - Audio recording about Genetic Selection: time limit tonight

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  • Hey!


    Today, you used the text below to refresh your memory about the Stolen Generations.

    Then, you re-read it and picked the new elements about them.

    Here is what you understood:

    After they were kidnapped, the Stolen Generations suffered from sexual and physical abuse / were mistreated: some got raped.

    That's why half-caste children lost their identity because settlers wanted them to assimilate. Some of them became alcoholic or died young. Nowadays, the governement give compensation to recognize the Stolen Generation's mistreatment.

    Written by Floriane


    Here is the audio file to improve your pronunciation:

    Here are some remarks about your final tasks:

    • Good reactivty!
    • Your arguments are too repetitive: try to give precise arguments related to your role.
    • You MUST use gap fillers!!!!!



    - Lesson

    - Date limite envoi fichier audio demain

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  • Hey!


    Today, you debated about genetic selection. Hope you said everything you wanted!


    Final Task Debate

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  • Hey!


    Today, you did a brainstorming about Stolen Generations.

    Stolen Generations

    Then, you watched a video to know more about them.

    Here is what you understood:

    Mixed-race aboriginal children/ half-caste children were kidnapped by British settlers in order to be educated and converted to Christianity in institutions, that's why they had limited contact with their parents.
    To escape settlers, families hid them in suitcases.
    British settlers wanted to die out the Aboriginal culture and to assimilate half-caste children because they thought they could "save" them.

    Written by Houda.



    - Demain : FINAL TASK DEBATE

    - Date limite envoi du fichier audio: 30 mars

    Pour le 29/03:

    - Lesson

    - Explain the difference between integration and assimilation


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